Blake's God creating the worldSpring Music 2015 – an orchestral and choir spectacle

Saturday 29 August

From Marco van Pagee, Artistic Director:

“The VCA Secondary School (VCASS) is a special school for gifted musicians and dancers. As mentor, teacher and conductor it has been a privilege and a pleasure to have guided and prepared many VCASS students for a career in music. Today’s VCASS students will present a wide range of music at the Castlemaine Town Hall on Saturday 29 August.

The new …

A premiere performance of Sinfonia Concertante for five guitars and orchestra by VCASS composer Jessop Maticevski -Shumack.

The romantic …

The lush, rich sound of the VCASS string orchestra in Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings.

And the classic …

More than 120 musicians (orchestra and choir) performing Joseph Haydn’s timeless masterpiece The Creation.

About The Creation

When visiting London in the 1790s, Joseph Haydn had been overwhelmed by George Handel’s large scale oratorios which were immensely popular with London audiences of the day. The idea of a new oratorio based on The Creation was first offered to Handel but he declined the commission, claiming the topic was too wordy and would require at least a four hour work!

But Haydn did take up the challenge, creating one of his most inspired works. Like Handel’s oratorios, The Creation requires large forces — over 200 instrumentalists and singers. While we can’t quite match those numbers at our performance, we do promise to fill the Castlemaine Town Hall with rich, powerful sound.

The Creation was an instant success with the public. During Haydn’s long life he conducted more than 40 performances of it in Vienna, and on one occasion the police had to be called in to control the crowd wanting to secure a seat in the concert hall!

Haydn created music with breathtaking effects and expression. A very special moment is the point at which, out of chaos, God creates light. It’s one of the most stunning and impressive moments in the history of music.

To hear this work performed live by the young VCASS musicians will leave a lasting impression on the audience. As conductor and on behalf of my young colleagues, we very much look forward to bringing you this feast of music to Castlemaine.”

Marco van Pagee
Artistic Director